ECPI is active in the development and construction of indices and index strategies such as smart beta solutions that offer superior performance potential keeping the features of efficient index solutions: diversification, liquidity, transparency, and cost efficiency.

Since the launch of its first “Ethical” index, ECPI has been pioneering the index-linked investment world in the sustainability arena and in the broader thematic scene. In 2007 ECPI launched the first Climate Change index and, since then, the thematic index family has grown rapidly.

ECPI Global Megatrend Strategy Index, for example, selects the best-performing thematic indices linked to 4 global Megatrends (Emerging Markets, Population Dynamics, Climate Change and Scarcity of Resources) in order to seize the best opportunities on the market.

The performance data of each ECPI index is disseminated via the main data vendors (e.g. Bloomberg, Datastream and Reuters) and, upon client request, via email and file transfer protocol. ECPI may also customize data accessibility to meet client needs.

Index constituents can be downloaded here or be requested at ECPI

ECPI Index levels are available on main Data Vendors or can be viewed at daily levels or on Financial Times online pages.

ECPI Indices are calculated by S&P Dow Jones Indices, one of the world’s leading providers of financial market indices.

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