ECPI Global ESG Recovery

Index is an equally weighted index, of 100 components, designed to track the performance of companies, in global developed markets, that are expected to benefit the most from the 'Next Generation EU' fund.

Last update:

  • Ticker GALPHRFN
  • Calculation End-of-day
  • Components 101
  • Weighting Equal Weighted
  • Excluded Sectors YES
  • Rebalancing Frequency Semiannual
  • Last Value 1311.01
  • Daily Return -0.01 % (-0.13)
  • Weekly Return 1.02 %
  • YTD 16.98 %
  • 1Y 28.48 %
  • 3Y 100.85 %
  • 5Y 157.39 %
  • CAGR 26.49 %
  • Annual Volatility 0.05 %
  • Var 95% -0.08 %
  • Var 99% -0.11 %
  • Max Drawdown -30.12 %
  1w   1m   3m   6m   YTD   1y   3y   5y   Max


ECPI Global Megatrend 1002,879.21
GALPHM1N0.10% (2.94)freccia
ECPI Circular Economy Leaders Index3,815.92
GALPHCEN0.17% (6.5)freccia
ECPI Digital Revolution ESG Equity Index2,308.01
GALPHDRN-0.44% (-10.23)freccia
ECPI Children Rights Leaders3,791.15
GALPHCRN0.24% (9.18)freccia
ECPI Asian Infrastructure Equity1,962.31
ECPAIFN-0.20% (-3.91)freccia
ECPI China Consumption Tradable Equity7,099.96
ECPACCTN0.35% (25.2)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Healthcare Equity4,452.76
GALPHHCN0.33% (14.8)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Technology Equity5,112.11
GALPHGTN-0.32% (-16.36)freccia
ECPI Global Longevity Winners Equity6,320.26
GALPHLWN0.47% (29.74)freccia
ECPI Global Science for Life5,460.22
GALPHSLN0.35% (19.01)freccia
ECPI Global Agriculture Liquid 2,545.89
GALPLAGN0.16% (4.12)freccia
ECPI Global Blue Gold GD Equity2,941.29
GALPHWN0.60% (17.75)freccia
ECPI Global Commodity GD1,485.27
GALPHCGN0.47% (7.03)freccia
ECPI Global Livestock GD3,071.90
GALPHLGN0.28% (8.48)freccia
ECPI Global Carbon Liquid2,253.45
CARBONLN0.35% (7.98)freccia
ECPI Global Climate Change Liquid3,137.74
GALPLACN0.68% (21.3)freccia
ECPI Global Eco Real Estate & Building Liquid2,458.12
GALPLREN0.46% (11.3)freccia
ECPI Global Renewable Energy Liquid2,803.18
GALPLRWN0.33% (9.27)freccia
ECPI Global Clean Energy2,813.19
GALPHCLN-0.03% (-0.93)freccia
ECPI Robotics & Artificial Intelligence4,982.77
GALPRAIN-0.87% (-43.34)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Infrastructure2,610.36
GALPHGIN0.19% (5)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Future Mobility 3,437.72
GALPHFMN-0.52% (-17.78)freccia
ECPI Global ESG MultiTrend1,273.96
GALPH3TN-0.32% (-4.09)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Blue Economy1,446.93
GALPHBEN0.43% (6.25)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Recovery1,311.01
GALPHRFN-0.01% (-0.1)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Agri-Business1,402.29
GALPHABN0.23% (3.24)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Healthcare Innovation1,180.12
GALPHHIN0.11% (1.31)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Gender Equality1,169.57
GALPHGEN0.28% (3.24)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Cybersecurity1,254.05
GALPHCSN0.03% (0.37)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Hydrogen Economy942.27
GALPHH2N0.15% (1.43)freccia
ECPI Global ESG Medical Tech1,177.21
GALPHMTN0.11% (1.26)freccia


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